If black people are so oppressed in the US, why is it that African immigrants thrive and succeed more?

African immigrants often have advanced academic credentials, otherwise they probably wouldn’t be allowed into the country. African immigrants are the most educated demographic of immigrants.

Black Americans, by contrast, are below the national average when it comes to academic attainment. Although the situation is sad, it at least puts the Richard Spencers of the world to shame. If blacks really are intellectual inferior to whites then black Africans, who presumably would have less genetic mixing, should perform poorly in a country which is predominately white.

 From the perspective of a community college ESL teacher with African immigrant students:

    African immigrants tend to be from well-educated backgrounds even though they might arrive in the U.S. as refugees having to start over. In fact, the most highly educated immigrant group in the U.S. are Nigerians.
    Immigrants from all backgrounds are in general a tough, resilient, persistent and goal-oriented lot of people. That’s what it takes to get here in the first place.
    Immigrant communities in general tend to have internal aid and support systems (Including the family-based “chain migration” which is actually a great strength for them and not a problem).
    African immigrants do, in fact, encounter racism. They are aware of it and talk about it. For many of them, it is just a lesser consideration than the dangers and hardships that they came from.



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